6 Ways to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android

You might want to transfer photos from iPhone to Android for different reasons. It could be you shifted from an Apple phone or want to keep a backup. Whatever the reason, transferring your pictures from iOS to Android can be tricky. You may choose to move them to your computer and then to the phone.

You may also use a cloud service or an app. Another option is to use your email. No matter the method you choose, you must understand the need to retain the quality of your photos. Here are six methods that you can use.

1. Use an instant messaging application

Instant messaging applications allow you to send chats or files in an instant. Some of the apps include WhatsApp and Messenger. All that you need is to identify the application to use. Create an account with the app or sign in on your iPhone. Attach your pictures and upload them. You can then download them on Android in an instant. It is necessary to understand how to send photos from Android to iPhone without losing quality. The application offers you various advantages.

  • They are secure since they use end-to-end encryption.
  • They are free and thus save costs.
  • They don’t lose the quality of your photos
  • They allow communication instantly.

2. Use an app for transferring photos

Notably, the best way to share photos between iPhone and Android is through apps. They provide tons of tools that make it simple for you to share your pictures. You can edit your photos by adding or removing items with their tools. You can take pictures using an iPhone and swiftly move them to an Android device by using them. The user interface of apps like Google Photos and Apple Photos is easy to use. They offer you many benefits.

  • They are easy to use and have a friendly UI.
  • They offer you different editing tools.
  • Most of them are free to download.
  • They work on both iOS and Android.

One of the applications you can use for sending photos from iPhone to Android is AirDrop. AirDropping photos from iPhone to Mac can be tricky. You first need to get information about how to Airdrop photos. You need to open Settings on your iPhone and open AirDrop in the General settings. If you want to AirDrop multiple photos be careful to avoid attaching too many. It might affect the performance of your phone or take too long to transfer. Once the process is complete, your next step should be to know where to find AirDropped photos on Mac. Your AirDropped pictures will be saved in the Downloads folder.

3. Attach to email and download them on Android

Another easy way to move your pictures from iOS to Android is to use email. You must have an email account to perform this procedure. To transfer your photos, sign in to email on your iPhone. Open the email composing field. Attach your photos and send them to yourself or another email. Sign in to email on Android and download your photos.

  • The main advantage of email is that you can access your files from anywhere.
  • You can use your email as a way to store your photos for access in the future.
  • Emails offer enhanced security for your documents.
  • You will download your pics in the same quality they were during upload.

4. Drop them into your computer and then to the phone

If you don’t want to use an app or email, there is another option. You can drop the photos directly into your computer from your iPhone. You need a USB cable to do this. Ensure it is a data and not a charging cable. Connect it to your computer and iPhone.

Open iOS storage and then the files containing your photos. Create a folder on your computer where you will drag and drop the files. Once it’s ready, select the files to transfer. Drag and drop them on the computer. Next, connect Android to your computer and drag and drop the photos into the phone.

5. Upload them in a cloud service

Cloud services offer you secure storage for all your documents. You may opt to use one of the services as your storage solution for your pictures. To do that, you need to choose your preferred service. Create an account or sign in if you have one already. You can then connect the service to your devices. The moment you upload the photos for iPhone, you can easily access and download them on Android.

6. Use Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth is used to transfer files across devices within its signal range. You need to switch on Bluetooth on both your iPhone and Android. Allow the devices to find and connect. On the iPhone, select the picture files you want to transfer. Choose send to start sharing. On Android, consent to receiving the files, then allow for the transfer to finish.


For a variety of factors, you could choose to move your photo files from your iPhone to your Android device. There are several approaches to accomplish this. You can make use of an app, Bluetooth, or a USB cable. The majority of techniques maintain the quality of your images. They also provide a secure means of file transfer.