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How to Transform Your Bathroom into a Deluxe Wetroom

You may be reading this article for many reasons. You may have a family member or friend in your home with limited mobility. You might just prefer the look and feel of a wet room over a bathroom. Whatever the motivations, you’ll know that it’s not just a case of clicking your fingers (sorry!). But you can transform your bathroom into a wet room with the tips we have in this guide.

You don’t perform your own dentistry when a tooth is broken, so don’t try your own renovation without experience. The first tip is to work with pros for your Scottsdale, Arizona bathroom remodel. When diving into the world of bathroom renovations and turning it into a wet room, it’s crucial to find the perfect squad of pros for the job. Take the plunge and thoroughly research and interview potential contractors before making big decisions you might later regret. There are so many contractors these days that you can afford to look for one with a deep history in wet rooms and bathrooms.

Working with professionals is a smart move because they’ll make sure your new wet room meets safety standards. They’re like the Sherlock Holmes of building codes and regulations, navigating the maze of rules with ease. It’s not just about safety, but also for that future home resale – you’ll be a real estate superstar. The last thing you need is to celebrate the success of your renovation only to find that you haven’t waterproofed it properly (rookie error!). Your pro team will know exactly how to do this.

You also aren’t limited in terms of layout – spend some (more!) time on Instagram and Pinterest to get a better idea of what you can achieve in this room. Transforming a room into a wet room? Prepare for some plumbing shenanigans. Relocating toilets, sinks, and showers might be on the agenda. Just remember, the ultimate goal is creating a waterproof haven, so don’t forget about proper drainage and avoiding those pesky leaks. Oh, and let’s not forget about accessibility. Make sure it’s easy peasy for people with limited mobility by adding grab bars or a shower seat. Wet room wizardry at its finest.

You perform your renovation and then find that the materials you’ve chosen actually aren’t up to scratch. When it comes to one big open space, water and moisture resistance is key. Choose materials that can handle the splash, from flooring and wall tiles to grout and sealant. Don’t forget slip-resistant tiles to keep accidents at bay. And hey, have a backup drainage system, just in case the main one decides to take a break.

Get creative – you don’t need to follow a one-size-fits-all plan when you can have a functional and beautiful wet room. Who says you have to stick with the same old designs? Get creative. How about a rainfall showerhead to make your showers more refreshing? Or built-in shelving for extra convenience? And why stop there? Go all out with a wall-mounted TV for ultimate relaxation. With professionals by your side, you can even indulge in heated flooring and towel warmers. Let luxury meet style in your space.